Materials and Colors

Textures and colors are very personal and because my products are very personal I prefer to use only the softest, most durable yarns. Cotton/nylon and cotton/bamboo blends are not only machine washable, but are extra soft and wear well. Hats knit with these blends stretch enough to cover a little head without stretching too far and losing their shape. 100% cotton yarns are another durable yarn that create a nice texture, but aren’t too chunky or overwhelming. The cotton has a perfect stretch to it and is machine washable. Synthetic yarns used in mittens are rugged and durable while maintaining softness little hands need.

Unfortunately, not every yarn works with every pattern, but if it’s a luxurious angora or a plush cashmere you’re after I will do everything I can to help you make it happen. The cost of these more expensive yarns will effect the cost of each hat or pair of mittens.

The color options are really limitless and include variations of the primary colors and most traditional colors which are available constantly. If it’s silver blue you really want, however, the color can always be ordered. Color choices can seem overwhelming so I’m always happy to help make suggestions.